Visiting Belgrade or Serbia any time soon? Join passionate locals who will take you off the beaten track and let you feel, taste and smell proper Serbian vibe! Book your flight & we'll take care of the rest! 

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Yugo Tour


What a better way to discover Belgrade and its surroundings than in the most iconic Serbian car - YUGO. Fasten your seat belts and join your guide on the most authentic ride around town! Some say it's one of the worst cars ever and some call it Serbian Mini Morris. Whatever the truth is, you can't say you hit the road in Belgrade if you never had a ride in Yugo. Forget about power windows, high tech speakers and full A/C. The most genuine ride you are going to join will make you go crazy for our capital city! 

New in the city


Discover the city's highlights with a local. Drop the guidebook and walk the streets as if you were born here. Let us show you Belgrade's hidden corners as well as our most distinctive monuments, squares and parks. 

Escape the City


Take a break from the city rush and discover natural wonders of Serbia! Visit our traditional villages, medieval monasteries and fortresses, precious archaeological sites and much more!

Wine Lovers Path


Escape the city for a day and taste our best wine varieties while discovering new landscapes. 

An ideal getaway from the city's hustle and bustle. An exceptional treat for your taste buds. A different perspective of Serbia's culture. Combine a visit to the wine cellar with a scenic ride through Serbia's unspoiled hills, endless plains or picturesque towns. 

Sports Addicts


Welcome to the nation of sports! Basketball, volleyball, water polo, handball, tennis, try to name a discipline that we are not good at! See the special fan culture that rarely exists elsewhere. Watch our games from the seats reserved for locals, because you will be one of them!

Let us know your favorite sport and we'll make sure you feel all the adrenaline of a true supporter! 

Taste of Serbia


Join us for dinner in our Belgrade home and spend the evening tasting our favorite Serbian dishes. Let us take you to the farmer's market where we can get the fresh produce and then cook together! Learn how to make our favorite "Turkish" coffee or find out why plain yogurt is more precious to us than milk!

Sing along!


From the refreshing summer Beer fest where 45 different beer types are paired with the best RNR live music, to the legendary BITEF (Belgrade International Theater Festival), Jazz Festival, Guitar Art Festival, or No sleep Festival for techno lovers, Belgrade truly has it all! If you want to party all day and night long - you are at the right place! And in the right company which will save your time & hustle and let you experience the perfect Belgrade art 


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